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27IN 228W XDD GEN4 series double row LED light bar – 1 LUX @ 700M – HK

This powerful light bar utilises our exclusive dual-chip hybrid technology to produce 1 lux @ 700m forward of the vehicle whilst still providing great flood coverage to the side of the road. It gives an uninterrupted view of any upcoming hazards both in front of the vehicle and to the sides.


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Product Description

The LED light bars that took Australia by storm are now brighter and more efficient than ever.Hardkorr dual row LED light bars have always been the favourite of professional drivers and people who drive on roads inhabited by kangaroos and other wildlife. Our dual-chip hybrid technology, first introduced in our GEN3 series bars in 2016, produces a light beam that is unparalleled in width and evenness. The output of these light bars fills your entire field of view with light, ensuring that you can spot hazards that are not just located in front of the vehicle, but off to the sides of the road as well.

The XD-GEN4 series is the latest update to this range and represents another leap forward in LED technology. We have upgraded our GEN3 series to utilise the very latest OSRAM and CREE LED chips, and our engineers have tweaked the circuitry and reflector geometry to suit.

The result is an even wider and longer beam, with no black spots or hot spots.

They’re also CISPR15 compliant, meaning they have been independently tested to ensure they do not interfere with radio frequencies.

The 27 inch XDD700-G4 fits neatly inside most popular bullbars on medium to large 4wds and utes. It produces a strong 1 lux @ 700m forward beam as well as brightly lighting both sides of the road, whilst consuming substantially less power than a set of LED spotlights.

Dual-chip technology.

The secret behind the unique beam pattern of Hardkorr GEN4 light bars is in combining the excellent flood capabilities of CREE® LEDs, the outstanding distance performance of OSRAM® LEDs and our own custom-engineered reflectors. The result is second to none!

Powerful, even combination beam.

Our dual-chip hybrid technology produces a light beam that is unparalleled in width and evenness. The output of these light bars fills your entire field of view, ensuring that you can spot hazards that are located in front of the vehicle and off to the sides of the road as well.

Genuine parts, precision optics.

Hardkorr’s GEN4 series light bars are made using genuine top-grade OSRAM® and CREE® LED chips sourced from authorised agents, to ensure even light throw, correct colour rendering and long service life. These chips are matched with custom engineered reflectors that are manufactured to nanometre precision, and secured within high-quality aluminium housing which is designed to effectively dissipate heat and protect the sensitive components within.

This attention to detail ensures that every unit we manufacture gives consistent performance, and helps us fulfil our ambition to be the world’s most trusted manufacturer of LED lighting.

The Hardkorr guarantee

All Hardkorr products are manufactured using the highest quality materials. We are confident that they are the most durable in the market and will give you many years of reliable service. We stand behind this product with a comprehensive 5 year Australian warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.