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Bash Plate – Including Hardware compatible with Toyota Hilux 2005-2014 – 2nd Plate – BP001-2

Under Body Protection to suit Toyota Hilux KUN2# 2nd Plate -BP001-2


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Product Description

Roadsafe 4WD Protection Plates are manufactured from 3mm steel, zinc coated for longevity. Protection Plates perfectly integrates with the vehicle key underbody designs with carefully positioned water dispersion and venting holes. The Roadsafe 4WD Protection Plates protect the key under-car components without compromising airflow, water disbursement or durability. Offroad driving exposes the vehicle to damage from a huge variety of obstacles found on the tracks, from rocks to logs.  Roadsafe 4WD protection plates protect the vehicle undercarriage from the majority of bumps and scrapes against these obstacles.

Protection Plates are especially useful in vehicles with IFS or general low ride height. Protection Plates are manufactured from 3mm steel, ensuring that while tough, the plates are not too heavy or rigid to contribute to structural damage to the vehicle in the event of a heavy impact.

Roadsafe 4WD Protection Plates will act as a layer of armour underneath the vehicle!

• Enhanced off-road protection from rocks, logs, mud & debris
• Improves aerodynamics of the vehicle
• No welding or drilling required
• Stylish & functional designs
• Precision laser cut 3mm steel

Roadsafe 4WD Protection Plates are Australian designed & made. Manufactured in 3mm steel and very strong, Roadsafe 4WD protection plates are zinc coated for longevity and laser cut for precision. Plates can be painted or powder-coated over the zinc treatment by the customer if required (we do not paint!). All plates use the original bolt pattern – no drilling required. Where bolts/nuts are required for fitment, they are supplied with the kit. We recommend the use of a thread locker during the installation & tightening of all nuts/bolts. Easy bolt-on installation. High tensile hardware. No welding or drilling is required. Pressed ribs and folded reinforcements have been included to provide significant strength without adding unnecessary weight to the vehicle. Where possible, oil change access, without plate removal, has been integrated into the plate design.

RAP32A General Under Body Protection Plate Information Bash Plate – Including Hardware compatible with Toyota Hilux 2005-2014 – 2nd Plate