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Solder sleeve kit 120 piece – HK

These heat-activated solder sleeves make joining electrical wires easy! No soldering iron required: with these sleeves you simply twist the wires together, slip a sleeve over the top and heat it up with a heat gun or lighter for a strong, waterproof connection.


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Product Description

With this heat-activated solder sleeve kit, you can turn your wiring nightmares into dreams!Say goodbye to your soldering iron and wire. No longer will you burn your fingers in trying to reach those hard to access places; all you have to do is have a heat gun or lighter, feed your wires inside the sleeve and heat it up – that’s it!The solder inside the sleeve will melt into your wires, and combined with the heat-shrink tube and adhesive strips will form a waterproof, strong and highly conductive electrical connection which is almost impossible to break.

How it works


Strip each of the wires to be joined, exposing approximately 12mm of bare wire (this will vary slightly depending on the wire gauge). Ensure you leave enough insulation for the adhesive strips to bind to.


Slip an appropriately-sized solder sleeve over the end of one of the wires. Ensure you select the correct sleeve for your application; it should be a snug fit, but the sleeve should still be able to slide freely up and down the cable.


Bring the two wires together that you want to join. Push the bare ends together, ensuring that the wire strands from both sides combine with each other. Avoid just laying one wire on top of the other. If you wish, you can give the combined wires a twist to improve the connection.


Position the solder sleeve over the top of the combined wires, so that the grey solder is directly over the join. Ensure that the adhesive strips are positioned over part of the wire insulation, not over bare wire.


Apply heat from a heat gun or cigarette lighter to the entire length of solder sleeve. Ensure you distribute the heat so that the sleeve shrinks evenly. You may need to apply a little extra heat to the solder compared to the rest of the sleeve. Ensure the solder fully melts.


Leave the completed heat shrink solder join to cure for a few minutes. Afterwards, you should be able to pull on both sides of the joined cable without it coming apart. Check the sleeve; minor discolouration from the heat is of no concern, but burning or cracking may compromise the integrity of the join.