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MSA 4X4 Water Bra


In stock (can be backordered)

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Product Description

A Bra for Water, Mud, Safety and Convenience!
The MSA 4X4 Water Bra is the ”Original, Legendary Water Crossing Bra”, designed to prevent expensive damage to vehicle engines and electronics whilst crossing water or mud and can be considered as cheap insurance for when you do need it.

Even with a snorkel installed, when driving through deep water it’s important to create a bow wave to prevent the water being forced horizontally through the vehicle’s grill at pressure. This pressure may result in the water being ”grabbed” by the spinning engine fan and the fan then being pulled through the radiator, leaving you with a hole in your radiator as well as your wallet! MSA 4X4’s Water Bra even includes a front pocket to store your strap for quick and easy access if you need it.

The MSA 4×4 Water Bra conforms to any vehicle shape and size, and features a 10 second ”Quick-fit” design. The Straps loop over the mirrors to keep it secure; No vehicle damaging ocky straps or tarps needed and no risk of injury! Drainage holes release water after the crossing.