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Roadsafe – Door Bracket Extension compatible with Nissan GU – SB005

The Roadsafe Door Bracket Extension has been developed to suit the Nissan Patrol GU.


In stock (can be backordered)

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Product Description

Roadsafe offers a range of bracketry and strengthening products to suit a wide variety of applications. From top shock reinforcing supports, torsion bar strengthening brackets, to rear track bar brackets – the bracketry range has been designed and tested for the harsh Aussie conditions.

The LandCruiser 100 Series with IFS have experienced issues with cracking of the lower control arm around the area that the Torsion Bar torque arms bolt to due to the high torque and impact loadings passing through the torsion bars and the lower control arm. The Roadsafe reinforcing bracket is a folded plate that when bolted on, strengthens the lower control arm in the area where cracking is experienced. Roadsafe recommend fitting a Torsion Bar Strengthening Brace on all 100 series IFS regardless to whether they have any aftermarket components.

Door Bracket Extension compatible with Nissan GU