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Wiring Harness Piggyback Adaptor – HB3

These piggyback adaptors are for vehicles which use a standard (H-series) high beam plug, but do not use the most common H3 or H4 sizes which are included with our wiring harness.


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Product Description

The Hardkorr Dual Output Plug and Play Wiring Harness includes H3 and H4 high beam piggyback adaptors in the box. These are the most commonly used plug sizes, but some vehicles use a different plug and so we offer several other sizes as well.We suggest you check with your vehicle manufacturer prior to purchase to ensure you are selecting the right size. Bear in mind that some newer vehicles actually use custom plugs, sometimes because their headlights are sealed units or because they use LED or HID technology.

The white T-connector on the back of the adaptor will plug straight into the connector on our wiring harness.

Note: the adaptors for the H8, H9 and H11 plugs are the same.